Pay using an e-invoice

With electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), your monthly fee will appear directly in your online bank. You should check and confirm the payment yourself each month.

Sign up through your online bank

Sign up for e-invoicing through your online bank. Most banks are connected to the e-invoicing service, and the service is free of charge. If you ever switch banks, you must sign up again for e-invoicing at the new bank and cancel e-invoicing at your old bank.

Follow these steps (may vary slightly between different banks):

  • Log in to your online bank.
  • Choose to pay or transfer money.
  • Select e-invoicing and registration (or cancellation).
  • Choose to add a payee organisation.
  • Search for “Lärarnas arbetslöshetskassa” and choose to add us.
  • All done!

How payments are made using e-invoices

We send a bill to your bank as an electronic invoice once a month, and you can easily view and verify it. All the details, such as OCR number, payment date and amount, are already filled in. When you have reviewed your invoice, select the account for payment and confirm it. The payee will get the money on the due date, which is the date listed on the payment.

Pay using a payment slip you already have

Let’s say that you have received a payment slip or paper invoice for September through December. You must then use it before you can begin to receive e-invoices. The e-invoice should start working during the next billing cycle, in other words in January in our example.

Pay us directly

Starting from the beginning of 2018, all of our members will pay their fee directly to us. We therefore recommend that you, as a member of Lärarförbundet or Förbundet Folkhögskollärarna, sign up for direct debiting with us today.

Pay us directly