Get started with direct debiting in 3 minutes

Here we help you to quickly sign up for direct debiting with your online bank. Direct debiting has several advantages: no paper, no long OCR numbers, it is environmentally friendly, and payment is automatic. When you set up direct debiting, we withdraw the membership fee directly from your account each month.

1. Log in to your online bank

Click your bank from the list below. This will open a new window at your bank’s website, and you can easily continue to read here by switching between windows.

2. Choose to pay or transfer money

Depending on your bank, you will access their section for payments or transfers. Next, continue to “Autogiro” and choose to register and connect a new payee for a direct debit.

3. Search for “Lärarnas arbetslöshetskassa” or type Bankgiro number 309-1352

Under the available payee organisations, type our entire name, Lärarnas arbetslöshetskassa, or simply Lärarnas. Next, choose us from the list of proposed payees. Our Bankgiro number, 309-1352, is linked to the direct debit function. For the payer number, type the Swedish personal identity number (12 digits without hyphens or spaces) of the person the membership fee applies to.

All done!

On your account statements from the bank, you will see the description “Lärarnas a-k” when your payment has gone through.