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Your membership makes it possible for you to get unemployment benefit while looking for work. By becoming a member of the unemployment insurance fund, you improve your financial security.

Vem kan vara medlem i Lärarnas a-kassa?

Reasons to join Lärarnas a-kassa

Security through insured income

By becoming a member of the unemployment benefit fund, you improve your
financial security. As a member, you can receive up to 80% compensation on
a salary of 25,025 kronor per month. This gives you 910 kronor per day, compared
to a maximum of 365 per day for non-members.

Lärarförbundet’s income insurance

If you’re a member of both our fund and Lärarförbundet (Swedish Teachers’
Union), your income is further insured for up to 80% of your total salary. But
the income insurance requires membership in the unemployment fund.

Great value for money

If you’ve been a member throughout your professional life and receive the maximum
compensation per day, it only takes three months’ worth of unemployment
benefits at any point during your career for you to get a payback on the membership
fees. We are a not-for-profit business, but a politically independent member
organisation. That’s why the fee is low – only 110 kronor a month.

Specialised help

We are Sweden’s largest unemployment benefits fund for teachers and educators.
We specialise in teachers’ working conditions and help make overall
improvements to the unemployment insurance fund with the best interests of
educational professionals in mind. Through Sweden’s unemployment insurance
funds, we also work to simplify these conditions.

Expertise and understanding

We do everything in our power to make sure our members receive compensation
as quickly as possible for their own unique situation. With us, you get
a personal advisor who provides feedback and helps you find your way in the
regulatory jungle. We always strive to achieve a quick, smooth process for you.
In fact, our members give us consistently high ratings in member surveys.

Money from public welfare

Your employer pays an employer’s contribution on your salary that goes towards
helping people who are not employed. As one of our members, you can
receive some of that money if you become unemployed.


Call 0770-33 00 10, Monday-wednesday and Friday 9.00-15.00, Thursday 12.00-15.00.

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Click on the link below for information in other languages. It will lead you to the film "Ny på Arbetsförmedlingen" (New at the Employment Office) or a text version of the film on You will find information about the unemployment insurance fund in the chapter "Financial support".

Visit Ny på Arbetsförmedlingen.

Pay us directly

Starting from the beginning of 2018, all of our members will pay their fee directly to us. We therefore recommend that you, as a member of Lärarförbundet or Förbundet Folkhögskollärarna, sign up for direct debiting with us today.

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